About Us

Iron Horse Ranch is your choice for your remote lodging needs; we successfully have served the Oil, Gas and Construction industries at a higher standard throughout the world. All of our lodging facilities are custom built as a result of our customer driven needs, requests and expectations. By setting our customer’s expectations as the priority, it allows us to grasp the small details and fully understand the customer’s needs that in return will far surpass their satisfaction.

We proudly bring over 50 years of combined experience in remote camp installation, project management, building manufacturing and land development and acquisition. Our projects have ranged from 50 to 1500 man facilities, including water treatment and wastewater purification and removal. Our land development division helps us expedite all permits necessary for our facilities as well as choosing the best utility applications for our clients. 

Our team has built and completed projects in numerous regions and are currently managing and operating facilities in the Yorktown, Texas; Cameron, Texas; San Angelo, Texas; Odessa, Texas; Lovington, New Mexico; Carlsbad, New Mexico. We also have Experience working with and coordinating with FEMA and Red Cross and National Guard in disaster relief programs and temporary immediate housing. We also work with the United States government in solving military housing solutions for remote locations.

Our Philosophy

Why settle for the rest when you can settle for the best? We are constantly setting and achieving new goals in the effort to bring you the best possible remote lodging facilities. We take pride in our camp designs and innovations. From higher ceilings and more space in our recreation rooms and dining halls, to being the first company in the industry to provide all private rooms and private bath camps. We take entertainment very serious in our planning. Your staff will have full access to our movie theater, gymnasium, video arcade room, game room, basketball courts and many more fun activities.

Our Experience

Our Iron Horse Ranch team of experts have had the privilege of working with some of the top industry leaders in both government and private sectors. Some of our clients include:

  • FEMA Disaster Relief Programs
  • RED CROSS Disaster Relief Programs
  • NATIONAL GUARD Disaster Relief Programs
  • The United States of America Government
  • The Algerian Government
  • Haitian Government
  • Columbian Government
  • Guyanan Government
  • Saudi Arabian Government
  • Nigerian Government
  • Angolan Government

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